Our products aren’t just clothes, they're a solution to dress women for every need. We design three distinct collections of clothing — Core, Seasonal Collections, and Movement. 


Created from signature and essential pieces that Meg fans have come to know and love, the core collection is filled with pieces that are made to last as forever staples in your wardrobe. From our classic wide-leg pant, the Odette, to our favorite go-to work blouse, the Cowl Top, these are pieces that occasionally come in new colors and styles, and will always be available at Meg.


Released twice a year alongside a month-long pre-order, the F/W and S/S collections are made from Meg’s current musings and inspirations. Unlike traditional retailers, we produce and sell our collections in the season that they are meant to be worn in, which helps us prevent overproduction and work with sustainable factories.

Learn more about our pre-order process here.


During the beginning of the pandemic, Meghan created Movement, a leisurewear line made from sustainable ITY jersey. This capsule collection is a fashion-forward approach to activewear and sweats and can be worn around the house, at work, and while traveling.

These mix-and-match separates are wrinkle-free, machine washable, and look chic while feeling like pajamas. Meghan continues to release new Movement items every year, available online and at her retail locations.


In order to own the full lifecycle of our clothes, the Archive collection was born. This resale program was once its own store in the East Village, and has since migrated to living fully online. Any and all Meg clothing can be donated back to the Archive to be resold.

Learn more about the Archive here.