Diana Amaya- April 3, 2020

What is Reclaimed Fabric? And other fashion terms you should know 

Have you ever read a description for a garment or listened as a Meg gal pins your dress to perfection and wondered “what the hell does that mean?” While our shoppers run the gamut from fish out of fashion water to industry experts, we want to share some important fashion terminology, particularly as the industry shifts to a more sustainable one supported by an increasingly knowledgeable consumer (that’s you!) that wishes to make a more meaningful purchase. Read on to learn some of the terminology you might have seen pop up on our website or in a mailer.

Reclaimed Fabric

Repurposed deadstock fabric that is otherwise destined for the landfill.

Our  Striped Shoulder Pleat Tank made from reclaimed fabric

This is a sustainable alternative to making and dyeing fabrics for an intended garment. Rather, we can use our creativity and design skills to work with what already exists and save it from a dreaded landfill-fate. As a small company, we are in a unique position to reclaim fabric for our relatively small orders compared to those of massive fast fashion brands because deadstock fabrics tend to exist in far smaller quantities.


Deadstock Fabric

A catchall term for fabric that was never purchased by a brand or consumer. This includes surplus stock, incorrectly dyed fabric rolls, or fabric off-cuts.

Heidi in our Shoulder Pleat Tank Dress, made from reclaimed deadstock fabric

In other words, deadstock fabric becomes reclaimed fabric once we get our creative juices flowing and turn it into a garment fit for a Meg gal.


Cutting waste produced by the cutting process in which the fabric is cut following a pattern shape.

As one might assume, fabric off-cuts from each iteration of fabric exist in even smaller quantities, so off-cuts might be useful for limited release pieces. Check out our limited Quilted Dip Pant in navy above (also comes in Pink), made from deadstock.

Diana in our Quilted Oversized Top in Navy

Go forth, informed consumer! Shop for clothing armed with a little more knowledge than before. Can you think of any other fashion terms that make you go "huh"?