Diana Amaya-April 12, 2020

The Invaluable Benefits of a Thorough Closet Clean (and how we can help) 

 While I once lamented my decision to move to a city where parking costs as much as rent in my hometown, and you must sacrifice your first-born for lease approval, I eventually picked up enough tips and tricks to live comfortably and happily in small spaces and small spaces means small closets.

While I may not have a psychology degree, I do have 10+ years of the aforementioned small-space city living under my belt and enough anecdotal evidence to say with certainty that a clean closet is good for the mind and soul. Whether your closet is merely a sad clothing rack or you are Kardashian-level #blessed with closet space, everyone benefits from a good closet edit. Here’s why.

It’s good for your wallet

Our product manager Alicia during her live closet clean. This dress is a keeper.

An important component of a thorough closet clean involves creating piles of clothing to keep, fix, donate, or sell. And with a myriad of platforms available, the selling part has never been easier. Make some extra cash via a platform or service that works best for your needs. @Noihsaf.Bazaar is great for reselling indy brands on Instagram. Poshmark is quite seamless and works well for a wide range of price points from mall brands to luxury. The Real Real is great for consigning highly coveted luxury pieces and Ebay is a well-rounded classic. We at Meg even have a buyback program for the Meg pieces you're no longer reaching for. 

@Noihsaf.Bazaar's satisfying feed

It's good for the planet

That’s assuming you edit your closet thoughtfully and responsibly without tossing everything into the garbage. (We know you guys are kind to the planet!) As mentioned before, the editing process helps you to visualize waste which is ideally enough to encourage you to dispose of it responsibly, and to make more thoughtful meaningful purchases in the future. When you adopt this mindset and these habits, you speak with your dollars by supporting companies that care about a visible supply chain, adhere to sustainable practices wherever possible, and create quality products. You also send a signal that mass produced disposable clothing is no longer en vogue. 

It's good for your style

Editing your closet helps you reflect on your own personal style and forces you to ask yourself important questions. Have I worn this in the last year? Am I saving it for unrealistic goals? (I’ll wear it when I’m invited to the White House. Or perhaps when I achieve that supermodel bod). It becomes evident which pieces you’re actually reaching for. Although some might have a more eclectic personal style, it’s totally ok if your fashion arsenal has 15 variations of a black t-shirt, as long as you’re actually wearing those. There is value in honing in on your personal sense of style. Also, you will actually see the full spectrum of your closet, including beloved pieces that might have been inadvertently relegated to the back of your closet while lesser-worn pieces were rudely hoarding the closet spotlight.

SS'20 sneak peak 

Another peak at SS'20, Inspired by the colors of Mexico

It's good for your mind and soul

I will reiterate that my psychology credentials are limited to following @thrive on Instagram, but I am confident that some credible source somewhere once said that a clean home is good for your mental health. Yes, even the parts that are hiding behind a sliding door. I have a nightstand behind my bed, between the bed and bay windows which creates space on either side of the nightstand where I store mountains of junk that haunt me in my sleep. My guests can’t see it but I know the truth and I look forward to the deep peaceful sleep that will accompany the organizing of that space. My closet on the other hand is edited and organized, and I hope you feel inspired to do the same for yourself!

Soothing, no?

Ready to organize? We got you!

We know that a thorough closet clean can seem daunting. We also know the immeasurable value of an objective opinion throughout this process. That’s why Meg is offering pay-what-you-wish FaceTime closet cleaning with our talented stylists. Walk through the process with your favorite Meg gal (or we’ll assign one for you), receive the same personalized in-store service without leaving the house, and simultaneously support our stylists and our small business. It’s a win win win. 

Learn more and book your virtual appointment here.