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The Boots Meg Gals are Obsessed with (because it's still Winter)

When your team is comprised of like-minded & fashion forward women, they are bound to share enthusiasm for certain brands and aesthetics- think female founded, high quality, and oh so fashionable. Now consider that these women work in a range of creative fields (in addition to retail!), often on their feet, which calls for practical fashion. Enter, the two inch heeled boot.

Thanks to thorough scientific research (and by research I mean my astute observations), team Meg has determined that 2 inches is the absolute optimal heel height for minimal pain and maximal pizazz this winter. Below, we highlight an assortment of boot styles that meet this criteria, and how to wear them. BONUS: they each happen to be made by female-owned brands.

Western Booties

Western style booties are an absolute closet staple for Meg gals. This particular style is by far the most versatile- the already low heel usually sits on a comfortable incline and lends itself to long walks and schleps in the city while the subtly pointed toe provides just enough elegance without being uncomfortable. Western style booties look great with skinny or straight cropped jeans, and shorter dresses and skirts of the casual variety. Avoid pairing with midi length styles lest you wish to shorten those gams. We may be biased but Wal & Pai makes a beautifully constructed minimalist pair of western boots in a variety of colors which you can scoop up through our website or in-store and they just *happen* to be on sale right now. 

Knee-High Boots

Tall boots, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This season I’ve taken to particular variety of tall boots, specifically those with a 2-inch heel and a versatile snake print but that’s just me. Choose your material and heel height, but make sure they hit just below the knee. At this height they are easy to pull on, keep you warm in the dead of winter, and balance out more feminine pieces. This style is perfect for midi to maxi length dresses and skirts. Not for the faint of heart, but you can also tuck looser pants into them for a very current look. Shout out to Loeffler Randall for making the perfect boot this year (see below). Comfy enough for a full day’s work, and fab enough to make a statement. If you REALLY want to make heads turn, opt for a snake boot and printed dress combo a la Meg Kinney.

Almond-Toe Ankle Boots

We specify almond-toe because it is simply the easiest most versatile shape that maintains that covetable “je ne sais quoi” vibe, but if you have an affinity for pointy shapes, do your thang, just find a pair that makes its way above the ankle bone. These are great for cropped flare jeans, wide leg pants, and short to knee-length skirts and dresses. Consider them the western boot’s more polished cousin. 

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