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Meg Hosts: WPA 5th Annual Bra Drive to Help Women in Need

Can’t live with ‘em can’t live without ‘em. The majority of us with breasts lament the inconvenience of finding the right bra fit. We groan about too-tight bands, stretched out straps, and prodding underwires. But save for the boldest free-wheeling gals among us (more power to you), a bra is a wardrobe necessity that we often take for granted. Imagine heading to a job interview sans bra. Unfortunately that is a reality for many women in need, particularly those who have been previously incarcerated and lack resources as they transition back into society. That’s where Meg x Women’s Prison Association comes in.

From February 18th through February 26th, Meg Shops will host our 5th annual bra drive benefiting the Women’s Prison Association in New York, and LIFT the Bra Project in Toronto. Bring your clean used bras to any Meg location and we will donate $5 to the WPA (in Toronto we will donate your bra directly LIFT) and give you $5 in Meg credit. These funds aid the WPA in their mission to help women in all stages of criminal justice involvement by complying with criminal justice mandates, preparing for job interviews and more. LIFT the Bra Project cleans and distributes bras to shelters and organizations throughout Toronto.

It’s an undeniable win-win. We know you’re only wearing your one comfort bra and your one sexy bra (or is that just me?), so bring in your spares this week to help women in need. 

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