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Meet Our Summer Intern Evie Powers

Summer is in full swing, and we've been quite busy in Boerum Hill! Our new intern, Evie, has joined our team. She's a current student at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, entering her third year of Fashion Design with a minor in Sustainability. 

Keep reading to learn more about her and her experience at Meg so far.

Q: Tell us about yourself! 

A: I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I really enjoyed my childhood there and have found that the music and art scene in the area and in my family definitely influenced my love and passion for creative fields from a young age. I’ve always known I wanted to move to larger cities and travel and it has been gratifying to make that a reality. When I was younger I was interested in film and photography and as I grew up I became more interested in fashion design. In my pre-teen and early teen years I taught myself how to sew, knit, and crochet and spent the majority of my free time creating something. 

Evie wears the Canvas Culottes in Off-White and the Dolman Tee in Navy.

Q: What is your current career path/goal?

A: Right now I’m enjoying exploring my options and seeing what makes up the different aspects of the design industry to find what I really love. I’m passionate about smaller scale endeavors that take time to make personal connections and so far am loving everything, from ready to wear to custom couture.

Q: What made you choose Meg for an internship, how did you find us?

A: I decided early on in my sophomore year that I wanted to find an internship for myself over the summer as I was very excited to start getting real experience in the design industry. I have always found myself gravitating towards small business and in previous jobs I have enjoyed the connections and community that come from small businesses.

I first discovered Meg on a trip to NYC that I took to visit a friend in the city. I really love the designs and mission of the brand so when I was thinking of places I would like to intern I rediscovered Meg and decided to reach out. Thankfully she agreed to have me for the summer and I am loving it!

Q: How would you describe your style? 

A: I would describe my style as a mix between vintage and utilitarian styles, I love staple re-wearable pieces that still make a statement. I reach most for neutrals with pops of soft colors and earth tones. 

Q: What do you like about working in fashion design?

A; My favorite aspects of the design process are in the technical and often behind the scenes elements of the industry. I am most interested in pattern making and textile design, and I love learning about the technological advances being made in the industry and enjoy incorporating tried-and-true techniques with modern design techniques and fabrications. 

Evie wears the Ruffle Sleeve Babydoll Dress in Fuchsia. 

Q: What are your current favorite Meg pieces?  

A: I am loving the Canvas Culottes in Off-White and the Carpenter Jeans in Navy as my year-round staples. The Ruffle Sleeve Babydoll Dress in Fuchsia and the Birdie Dress in Birdie Heyday Print are my go-to dresses of the summer. 

Q: What is your day-to-day at Meg looking like so far? 

A: I really try to help out wherever I am needed and am always happy to take on a myriad of different tasks ranging from social media, to inventory, to designing. I want to get the most well rounded experience of what it means to run a small business and design locally and sustainably, and luckily Meg is showing me all of it.

Currently Meg is in the process of designing and manufacturing the upcoming fall collection, so I have spent a lot of my time with her cutting samples, making fabric decisions, writing the cutters must and running errands to our factories in the garment district which I have enjoyed immensely. 

Interested or know someone else who is interested in interning for us this fall? Email 
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