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Inspiration Behind the FW23 Collection

The FW23 collection is here, and we couldn't be more excited! Now through September 10th, you'll be able to pre-order the collection before it hits the racks. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection and its core print, Dancing Queens by Samyukta Easwaran. 


The Carpenter Skirt in Dancing Queens and the Sleeveless Skinny Top in Lavender.

As told by Sam herself, this print is “a burst of playful energy that celebrates the uniqueness of women from all walks of life. With grainy textures, vibrant hues, and an authentic touch, it captures the beauty of our diverse skin tones.

Imagine strolling past a vibrant bar, its atmosphere buzzing with laughter and tantalizing music. Inspired by this contagious vivacity, the print encapsulates the spirit of liberation through movement.

The kaleidoscopic intention of colors swirling together represents the radiant spirits of women, showcasing their individuality and celebrating the vibrant tapestry.

Sam's Jump in Dancing Queens 

Grainy textures add an organic and raw feel, conveying the playful energy that went into its creation. This print taps into the joy that arises when women come together, appreciating our differences and reveling in sisterhood.

It's a daily reminder to embrace diversity, foster genuine connections, and cherish the richness of our collective experiences."


The Meryl Jacket and the Long Cozy Pants in Black Herringbone. 

As for Meg herself, she found that this collection brought her back to the roots of the brand. Many of the pieces are Meg classics that have been reimagined and modernized for the current age. 

From versatile soft suitings, such as the Meryl Jacket and the Long Cozy Pants, to monochromatic sets and easy throw-on dresses, such as the Gloria Dress, this collection embodies the ease and comfort that we are all seeking, without taking away the chic glamour that makes us feel good.


The Joan V-Neck Top in Brown and Blu's Pant in Taupe Pleather

Lookbook shot by Rachel Fisher, styling and direction by Blu Foichat and Taylor Koontz. Hair and makeup by Rocky Shamailova.

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