Diana Amaya - January 16, 2020

How To Wear A Camp Shirt

While we thoroughly appreciate the joys of getting dressed, we understand the process is not always without conundrum. Fortunately, styling and getting dressed is our bread and butter so we come bearing solutions.

The Conundrum

Styling a Menswear Staple for The Ladies: The Camp Shirt

Camp shirts have been a go-to in men’s casual styling for decades, particularly after the Cuban Exile of 1959 brought a wave of Cuban immigrants to the US along with their food, music, and guayaberas- the original camp shirt. The modern iteration has been embraced by women from the runways to the streets. If the camp shirt strikes your fancy but still has you scratching your head, read on to learn how the hell to wear it. 

Photo via vogue.com

Turtleneck and Earrings

The layering and earrings give our Emma Shirt a sleeker feminine feel. 


Photo via syledumonde.com

Many camp shirts like our very own Emma Top have an oversized fit, especially if you’re shopping in the men’s vintage section (a great place to look!). Belt it for some added dimension, color and shape. 

By The Pool

You will never find me on vacation without a button up shirt because it is the most versatile piece of clothing ever and it is perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit, or even as an extra layer when you’re working with a more risqué top. 

As a Dress

Our gorgeous Emma Top has some length to it, but wear some shorts underneath  for good measure to avoid, um, overexposure, and your good to go.