December 28th, 2021

How to Style The Reversible Apron.

Do not fear the unconventional,  asymmetry of the Apron, for it's an incredible styling tool to have in your wardrobe. And best part is, there is no wrong way to wear it!

The reversible design feature gives you twice as many outfit options! 
Try the Aspen grey side to add texture to a solid color outfit or the matte black neoprene side to break up a printed or colorful look.

The Apron allows you to transform the look and feel of existing pieces such as dresses and jumpsuits, which can be challenging to reinvent.
And unlike most jackets, it does not cut the silhouette in half, but rather it elongates the figure, and adds interest as it reveals and conceals the garment underneath. 

Try wearing the grey side over these outfits from the new collection!

Try wearing the black side over these outfits from the new collection!

Fay's Style Takeaways

  • There is no wrong way to wear the reversible apron
  • Use the grey side to breakup flatter colors or textures
  • Try layering over blousey pieces to pull in the fabric and alter the shape