Diana Amaya - Aug 6, 2020

How To Style Your Sweatshirt Like a Pro

There is something effortlessly cool and subversive about taking a garment associated with comfort and laziness and incorporating it into a head-turning look. And because loungewear sales have surged nationwide in recent months, we want to equip you with the tools to take your sweatshirts beyond the couch. Read on for tips on styling sweatshirts that look anything but lazy. 

You're on Mute Sweatshirt 

A sweatshirt is a great companion for long summer days that turn into nights, as well as transitional weather. In other words, you can rock this look for a good portion of the year. Balance out a feminine skirt with a graphic sweatshirt and sneakers. Before the temperatures dip, tying the sweatshirt like a crossbody bag keeps the look current and keeps your hands free. When it’s time to add a layer, roll and push up the sleeves a bit and tuck just the front (we love a french tuck). Don’t skip this step if you're shorty!

Here we have another look that you can wear year round (add tights and ankle boots for winter)! Pair a loose shirt dress with a wide cut sweatshirt, flats, and voila! Tie the sweatshirt around the waist or cross-body style when it’s still hot out. 

We gave our beloved “You’re on Mute” sweatshirt a summer makeover! To achieve this look, simply choose where to crop and cut straight across. Here we cut 2 inches above the waistband, and we cut the sleeves just above the elbows. The length of the sleeves provide a very intentional fashion forward look, in other words your friends will think you purchased it that way. The cropped hem creates a fun and feminine silhouette.

You're on Mute Sweatshirt