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Happy International Women's Day! Check out our new women-owned factory

Amidst a myriad of changes, industry fluctuations, and above all personal growth, Meg and her team have worked tirelessly to stay true to their mission to empower women through fashion while positively impacting communities since 1994. Today, on International Women’s Day, that mission remains the same as we begin an exciting partnership with Salveen International, a garment manufacturer in Delhi, India.

When a fellow female entrepreneur connected Meg with Archana and Arpana Dubey of Salveen, it was a match made in heaven. In a thriving manufacturing hub dominated by men and rife with gender discrimination, the entrepreneurial sisters own one of the only female-led garment factories in India. Naturally, Meg wanted to support fellow female entrepreneurs at the helm of a company that not only employs women in corporate positions, but also proudly carries a SEDEX Certification. This means that Salveen has clear visibility of its supply chain, maintains safe and fair working conditions, and upholds responsible business practices.

Archana and Arpana’s career trajectory is anomalous as women in India's garment industry, but when you meet them, it comes as no surprise. The tough-as-nails entrepreneurs greet you with a striking confidence and they run their operation exactly as you would expect from two badass women. The Meg family knows the greatness that women are capable of, but unfortunately the representation of entrepreneurial boss babes across many industries is severely lacking in a world where young girls are dissuaded from male-dominated industries from the start. That’s why we are celebrating International Women’s Day by announcing this exciting new partnership and shouting out strong successful women making it possible. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

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