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Dress Your Best With Christina: Styling Darcy Tobin Farrell

Christina Pastor has been a Meg babe and stylist for the past two decades. We recently caught up with her at our Toronto location to learn more about her styling process and to have her style some pieces from this season’s collection. Check out Christina rocking the Biggie Shirt with her son, so cute! 

Christina Pastor and son

Today Christina is styling Darcy Tobin Farrell, who is a multi-faceted hero. When Darcy’s not helping save lives at Sick Kids Hospital, she’s busy being a mother of two (not to mention, a proud breast cancer survivor). She juggles the many moving pieces of her life with grace, style, and a large helping of sparkle. 

Read our interview with Christina to learn more about her process and see the looks she styled for Darcy’s busy life. 

Q: How did you begin your career in styling and get to where you are today? 

A: Fashion has always been a happy place for me. Growing up in a super European household, the women in my family expressed their elegance and self confidence by how they dressed. Feeling put together made them feel powerful. Watching how they styled themselves from a very young age gave me the ability to understand body types and the silhouettes that flatter (or don’t), the beauty of mixing textiles, making bold decisions about pieces and accessories, and how shoes always pull a look together. All this early exposure to personal style gave me a sense of how I could dress myself and others to highlight our greatest strengths, while also keeping dressing playful and unique. It gives me enormous satisfaction to see someone try on an outfit I’ve styled for them (especially something they wouldn’t have chosen for themselves) and feel like a knockout. 

Q: Tell us about your history with the Meg brand. 

A: I wandered into Meg’s East Village store twenty years ago and fell in love with the brand. It was the first time I had tried on a collection and felt like I could wear almost all of the pieces. Over the years I have worked for Meg as a senior stylist and continue to have a closet made up of mostly Meg. Hers are the styles I feel my best in. 

Q: What are some of your favorite winter trends this season?

A: For me, winter is all about layering. I have been loving all of the bold jewel tones paired with plaid outer layering. It’s gray and dark outside, so it’s the perfect time to embrace some bold color in your wardrobe.

Q: How can our customers use styling to think outside the box and revamp their current Meg wardrobe?

A: There is always an obvious way to style clothes and then an alternative. It is great to know that the piece that you’ve invested in can have a life other than with one particular outfit. Often, making that leap could use a little extra guidance, which is where a senior stylist comes in. 

Now, let's style some Meg pieces! 

Darcy in the Oversized Blazer, Sleeveless Turtleneck, and Mars Pant

This outfit is classic day to night, while still offering complete comfort. The Oversized Blazer could level up literally any outfit and the Meg Movement Sleeveless Turtleneck in black is an easy wearable piece that can be matched with any trouser. The Mars Pants in Disco are the wild card bit of fun: they’re comfy and flattering, and the gold fabric gives the overall feel a nighttime edge. 

Darcy’s life is a constant juggle between days at the hospital and nights at the ballet. This outfit is an easy no brainer without looking over the top. 

 Margarita Jump - Peony

Since most events for Darcy involve chasing two kids under seven, the Margarita Jump in Peony gives her the whimsical glamor she loves while allowing her the ability to move easily. Darcy is the kind of person who rocks floor length gowns when going to school pick up, so this outfit fits right into her wardrobe seamlessly. We added a single Soko Amali gold cuff as well as the Sadie Hoops for some additional sparkle. This outfit is a one of a kind statement piece that mixes femininity and utility all in one. 

 Skinny Dress - Black

This outfit is delicious on the most wintery of days and offers the ability to peel away the layers as needed. The Skinny Dress on its own is a chic low key piece for every day, and it can be worn in a million ways as the base for other outfits both dressed up and down. We kept the Sadie Hoops on for this outfit too for added sophistication. For days at home by the fire, the Teddy Cape Cardigan in gives Darcy the ability to be cozy and feminine and still feel put together. Darcy does not wear sweats! 

 Tough Titties Sweatshirt

This outfit is perfect for a park playdate and supports a cause dear to Darcy’s heart. The playful mix of colors makes this outfit pop! The Hepburn Pant is a great alternative to jeans, and is surprisingly versatile. Dress up the cords with a sweater and boots, and dress them down with a Tough Titties Sweatshirt and sneakers. 

Dolly Pant and Cropped Jacket - Railroad

If you want to rock Queen Street’s version of a suit, this will be your jam. The Cropped Jacket (sold out in wide stripe, available in thin stripe and in denim) and matching Dolly Jean in Railroad Wide are sure to be a head turner. Matched with the Petite Chemise blouse in White and the Soko Amali gold cuff, this outfit easily transitions from work to going out to drinks.

For Darcy’s home visits, this outfit gives her the polish needed for the occasion without seeming overly dressed. And as separates, these pieces are easily paired with many of the items Darcy already has in her closet, making them “bang for your buck” investment pieces. Super wearable. Easily washable. Unique pieces either together or apart. 

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