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Celebrating Mother's Day with Adrianne and Sarah Murray

You may recognize Sarah Murray as one of our models for our e-commerce photos, marketing campaigns, and Instagram content. You have her mother to thank for that! Our relationship with Sarah began with her mother Adrianne, who pitched her and gave us her modeling comp card one day while shopping in the store. We knew if her daughter was as beautiful and fabulous as her, it would be a no-brainer to have her included in the Meg roster. The rest is history! 

We love working with Sarah, and her relationship with her mother is truly special. This Mother’s Day season, we invited them to the Boerum Hill store to shop their favorite pieces from this season’s collection and interviewed them to learn more about their relationship and their favorite moments. 

Sarah and Adrianne in suiting

Adrienne wears the Oversized Blazer in Navy. Sarah wears the Oversized Blazer in Red. 

Q: Tell us about your favorite moment together. 

Adrianne: Our bittersweet goodbye at the Newark Airport is what comes to mind. Sarah was leaving for study abroad, which we had envisioned for years. Suddenly, I started weeping on the departure line. Thankfully, there was a criminal in line ahead of us that the TSA dog kept coming back to sniff and circle! While he prevented the line from moving, I was able to stay with her so that we could have more time to cry together. 

Sarah: This is a really tough one. My mom and I have shared so many fun moments. Two of my favorites involve our favorite dessert place: Spot Dessert Bar on the Lower East Side. For her birthday a few years ago, I surprised her with a private tasting event of the restaurant’s upcoming menu with the head chef, Ian Kittichai. A few years later, I applied for us to be extras in a documentary about Spot for the YouTube channel East Side Stories. We were selected and given brief speaking roles! 

Sarah and Adrianne inside the Boerum Hill store.

Sarah wears the Wade Top and Wade Pant in Ivory. Adrianne wears the Campagne Blouse in Chambray Blue and the Odette Pant in Black.

Q: Do the two of you have a similar sense of style? Have either of your styles changed/evolved from the other influencing you? 

Adrianne: Sarah’s style was influenced by me in her late teens when I pointed out that each decade has had a focus on different aspects of female form by designers. If a woman learns which decade designers dressed her figure, she will have an effortless guide to clothes that flatter. My body shape fits well with the 1920s, while Sarah's is more 1950s. 

Sarah: My mom is super fashionable and a great deal of my day-to-day inspiration comes from her. We both enjoy athleisure (especially Lululemon Dance Studio pants when traveling,) and a love for all shades of blue. We both love different types of patterns. She loves patchwork and tie-dye, and I can’t get enough polka dots and stripes. 

I tend to lean towards 50s and 60s-inspired dresses and bright colors, while my mother wears more muted colors and draped layers. 

Q: What has been your favorite moment with the Meg brand? Do you have a favorite piece? 

Adrianne and Sarah: This photoshoot together! Hands down, no contest! 

Adrianne: This past Christmas our gifts to each other were happily reminiscent of O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi.” Sarah had asked for the payment for her first photoshoot with Meg to be a gift card in my name as a Christmas gift. Knowing that Sarah loved some of the clothes from the shoot, especially the Odette pants in Paprika, I bought her a gift card for Christmas. The amounts were almost identical! 

Sarah: My favorite piece would have to be the Skinny Dress in Forest

Adrianne: My favorite piece is the Biggie Shirt Dress in White

Sarah and Adrianne

Sarah wears the Rounded Hem shirt in Flame and the Odette Pant in Black. Adrianne wears the Rounded Hem shirt in Bayou and the Raul Pant in Paprika

Q: How are the two of you most alike/different?

Adrianne: I am team knitting, while Sarah is team crochet. More seriously, Sarah is a great advocate and supporter of herself and others. I’m more comfortable advocating for others over myself. 

Sarah: We share similar passions for travel and food, and our humor is similar as well. We both love wrapping gifts. The holiday season is the best and most stressful time of the year for us. We also have similar body types, so I can always “borrow” from her closet. We do share different passions, however. My mother has a love for literature, and I have a love for competitive and adventure sports, such as volleyball and bouldering. 

Sarah and Adrianne

Sarah wears the Cairo Dress in Blue Stripe. Adrianne wears the Kaftan in White

Q: Tell us about a time the other has done something for you that has made you feel special. 

Adrianne: When Sarah was 18, she missed celebrating our wedding anniversary, her Dad’s birthday, as well as Mother’s and Father’s Day. She found a Groupon, looped in her Aunt to help her, and surprised us with a few days at the Omni Resort in Pennsylvania on my birthday. 

When we arrived, there were platters of desserts waiting in our room, and each was themed for a different event missed. A lot of love was expressed with frosting-covered baked goods and a spa experience. 

Sarah: My birthday is in early December, and it rarely snows that early in the winter season. For my 13th birthday, my mother took me to a play that concluded with the ceiling opening over the audience and dropping thousands of paper snowflakes on the crowd. She made it snow on my birthday; it was the best surprise ever! This is one of the many things my mother has done for me in my life that has made me feel special and dearly loved. 

Sarah and Adrianne Shopping

Interested in booking a private shopping experience for you and your mother this Mother’s Day? Book a special appointment for 5/14 and receive $100 off when you spend $250+. To book, fill out the appointment form here. 

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