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Buying Clothes for the Long Term

Vanessa Friedman recently wrote a great article for the New York Times called Can I Buy Fast Fashion and Not Feel Guilty?

In it she quotes Maxine Bedat, the founder of the New Standard Institute and the architect of New York’s Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act, currently wending its way through the State Legislature, “prolonging the active lifetime of a garment by two (using the garment in its original form twice as many times as average), will decrease the climate impact by 49 percent.”

Average was estimated as SEVEN times.

Think about that! 

We hear comments like:

 “I lived in that dress all summer.” 

 “I have worn these pants thread bare.”  

“I wore that dress to four weddings, two cocktail parties, a graduation and a bar mitzvah, it’s my go-to.”

“I am still wearing that top I bought four years ago.”

“Jumpsuits are always in style. My favorite way to dress.” 

With proper care, Meg’s clothes can be worn for years.  Using long lasting materials and avoiding trend-focusing, she offers affordable garments that have no sell-by-date.

Buying for the long term and not the weekend is a change everyone can and should do.

You, her loyal customers, are making the difference.  Let’s keep going and create that circular economy.

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