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Nolita (North of Little Italy) is a unique blend of the beauty of old New York and an array of boutiques, restaurants and bars which create a distinct vibe all its own. Meg always wanted to be a part of that vibe and so has recently opened her new location at 262 Mott St.

Visiting Nolita can be a little trip within your own city. A day stay-cation. New York at its best. Stop and have brunch or lunch at Café Gitane, visit the New Museum (the Faith Ringgold exhibit is spectacular), have a martini at Temple Bar. It is the perfect outing with a friend, or your mom for Mother’s Day.   

Come and visit the new atelier gem. Slide out of the busy streets of Soho and stroll down Mott Street to just across the gothic revival Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.

Blu or Leah will be there to invite you in to browse the collection, rest your legs, have a special Blu coffee or a glass of bubbly. Take some “me” time and let them show you the true meaning of Retail Therapy. Afterwards, cross the street and admire the great shoe selection at Coclico.

Only have to time to say “hi”? Please do! But make sure to snag a complimentary private appointment that suits your schedule while you're at it to benefit from some serious styling and wardrobe curation expertise. We are here to deliver our signature experience: taking the guesswork out of shopping and tailoring it especially to your unique needs. Give us a try! 

We are so excited to share our new sparkling little space with you and look forward to seeing you real soon.

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