5 Reasons to visit the Meg Archive Shop (and a peek at some favorite pieces)

Archive Giving Back New York Sustainability

It's here! Our highly anticipated Archive Shop is open and stocked with a wide selection of pre-loved Meg pieces ranging from last season favorites to vintage 90s from the early Meg days. Housed in our former East Village location, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood of NYC. Read on to learn more about the shop and all the great reasons to check it out!

1) It keeps clothing out of landfills.

As many of you know, the Archive Shop is stocked with second-hand Meg pieces donated by you, our beloved customers. In 2018 we developed our Buy Back program encouraging customers to donate pieces they were no longer wearing in exchange for a discount on a future purchase and boy did you all deliver! With your help we have extended the life of these beautiful garments and saved them from a dreaded fate in the bottom of a landfill (as is the unfortunate reality of 84% of used clothing). Despite all the beauty and creativity it cultivates, we know the fashion industry is a major environmental polluter and our Archive Shop is just one of the ways we are committing to reducing our carbon footprint.

2) We are supporting Womxn's Health.

If you know us, you know that founder Meghan Kinney is a proud feminist and deeply committed to gender equality. To that end, 20% of the proceeds from the Archive Shop will be donated to Planned Parenthood of NYC, providing free and affordable womxn's health care, sex education, and family planning services throughout NYC.

3) We have some really cool pieces.

The most obvious reason to swing by is to shop, right? Not only are some Archive pieces as recent as last season, but the shop is also stocked with a wide array of pieces as far back as the 90's that have held up so well in terms of quality and style. Fashion is cyclical after all.

4) We have some really cool pieces for your sunny vacation.

Given the variety in the Archive Shop selection, we have a number of covetable warm-weather, which can be difficult to find in-store when you're ready to escape the winter blues. But we’ve got you covered. Take our drawstring gauzy jumpsuit to the beach or wear the floral ruffle sleeve top for a jaunt in Mexico City. When the temperatures drop ever so slightly, try our light-as-air trench for chicest transitional layer.

5) Such. Great. Discounts.

Prices in the Archive shop range from $20-$100, including the fabulous aforementioned trench coat. Seriously.

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